Usually 9ft - 9ft 8in
High performance board, tuned for comp or all round surfing / great trim speed / quick turning / total stability for nose work.

Engineered rocker through out  - 60/40 rails - Fins are Futures side bites, with 7-8 in glass, removable centre fin. Glossed and polished.


Usually 9ft 6in - 10ft
A true classic single fin, based on our 60s design. Tuned for today's surfing. Designed for graceful turns and glide, trim and nose ride. Glassed in traditional volan cloth. Laminated wood tail block.

Concave in nose area, flowing to a slight v in the tail. Slight rocker through out. 50/50 rails. Removable 9-10in glass centre fin. Any colours, pin striping, is hand done, with coloured resin as per the original boards.  The finish is Resin Gloss coated and polished.


Usually 9ft 3in -  9ft 8in
A refined classic single fin from the mid 60s. A real traditional stylist's board.
This board has finally tuned 50/50 rails.

A slight nose concave, with a gentle roll through the bottom. Laminated with volan glass. Features a glassed on wood laminated fin.  Tints and original coloured resin pin stripes can be added.   The finish is Resin Gloss coated and polished.


9ft 4in - 9ft 6in
Original hot dog style board, from the very start of the 60s. A collector's board. Glassed heavy, with thick cedar stringer.

Rounded 50/50 rails. Flat rocker, and flattish bottom through out. Hand made wood laminated fin and tail block. The finish is Resin Gloss coated and polished.