Quane Longboards History

Quane Surfboards started in Sumner, South Island, New Zealand in the 1950's.

Denis built a workshop in his parent's backyard, and started to make hollow plywood surf skis and paddle boards, which he used in Surf Life Saving events, winning many championships using these craft. With this success, surfing became a full time business.

Denis became frustrated at not being able to get balsa in New Zealand, so travelled to Australia to learn about new materials called polyurethane foam and fibreglass.

He then set up a factory making fibreglass longboards and blowing foam blanks, which he supplied to other board makers around New Zealand.

Later he travelled to California, where he worked with Bob Cooper and spent time with Reynold Yater, learning about the refinements of the classic longboard.

Quane longboards from this era, still turn up, and are still ridden, through out New Zealand, Australia, and other parts of the world.

Denis is today, reproducing some of those classic board styles from that golden era, along with a few new high performers. He is still in the South Island, and surfs when glassy.